Dress Code

In keeping with the "Private Club" nature of Old Overton Club our members and guests are asked to observe the following Dress Code guidelines. In general, country club casual attire is permitted in all areas of the club. It is expected that members will choose dress in a fashion befitting the surroundings and atmosphere provided in the setting of the club. Denim is allowed but must be in good order. Frayed or tattered denim regardless of the cost of the denim product will not be permitted. Denim is not allowed to be worn on the golf course.

The following are some specific guidelines:

  • Men must wear a collared shirt and must be tucked in at all times, except for Tommy Bahama style and dress button down shirts. These two style shirts may be worn untucked.
  • V-Neck and tennis style tee shirts are allowed for Men in the The Overton Grill and Gentlemen’s Grill except during the dinner hours.
  • Tank tops for men are not permitted.
  • Workout, Fitness or Tennis attire may not be worn in the Overlook Dining Room (Main Dining Room). It is permitted at The Overton Grill and The Hillside Terrace or outdoor areas.
  • Hats are not to be worn inside the clubhouse. Hats are permitted for ladies only in the Overton Grill.

Management asks that you review these policies with your guests and tenants. The dress code standards of the club may be modified by management from time to time for special activities and functions. Management also reserves the right to determine whether certain attire is appropriate or not.

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